Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Dub Review (Episode 1)



Recently FUNimation announced they were making a dub for Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White With The Red Hair) and I wasn’t very surprised but I was curious. I don’t normally spend my time with dubs, not because I’m a sub purist, but because I’ve usually already watched it subbed and don’t want to watch it again. However, since Shirayuki-hime is one of my favorite manga/anime I decided to give it a go and see how they did casting wise. I’ll start with each character individually and then add my final thoughts.

Shirayuki (Brina Palencia) – Now I think she did a fairly good job as Shirayuki. The only other role I’m familiar with her as is Chopper from One Piece so I was a bit nervous if she could pull it off. I must say I was a bit surprised with her voice actually somewhat suiting the character. Now there were some dialogue that was kinda awkward to listen to but you can more or less blame the script writer not the voice actress herself. I’m not sure if she was 100% into her role but maybe she’ll sound more comfortable in later episodes.

Zen Wisteria (Josh Grelle) – I’ve never really heard of this guy and to say I’m less than satisfied would be an accurate statement. I don’t know, something was off-putting about such a manly voice coming out of a character that is supposed to be 19; but that could just be me. I think the voice actor is very good at what he does, just not well suited for the role he was placed in.

Prince Raji (Todd Haberkorn) –  I’ll be honest, Todd Haberkorn is my favorite dub voice actor, even if his voice tends to sound the same in any role. Do I think this was his best role? No. But I did rather enjoy his performance as such an eccentric character, which is what he does best.

Mitsuhide (Ian Sinclair) – I gotta say, I rather liked him for the role of Mitsuhide, I think he did a great job at capturing Mitsuhide’s dorky watchdog like character and I honestly don’t have much negative to say regarding voice performance. There was a line where he said “I told you so, Zen.” and it sounded like he said “I told you, Sozen” and I think a brief pause was needed but even I agree that this is nitpicking.

Kiki (Jamie Marchi) – Okay, I’ve never really heard of this voice actress, much like Josh Grelle, since I haven’t been watching many recent dubs. So you could say I’m a bit out of touch with the voice actors and who’s who. But she gave a great performance as Kiki even if Kiki had so very few lines. When she did talk it felt as if she was Kiki. It felt believable with Kiki’s nonchalant attitude and I really appreciated her in the role.

Sakaki (Rob McCollum) – He only had about two lines and I don’t recall disliking his performance as Sakaki but I’d have to hear more in the future to know for sure. It was fine enough since Sakaki isn’t known for being over the top or out there.

As for my final thoughts. It’s definitely one of the better dubs I’ve experienced and it falls quite comfortably into the average category of dubbed anime. It had it’s fair share of flaws: the usual butchered Japanese names, and awkwardly scripted lines. I really don’t know why they changed Raji’s name to Raj but it was very strange to hear his name suddenly drop a letter and I’ll forever wonder why. I don’t have any major problems with it and some of my problems are just minor nitpicks.

I say, if you like dubbed anime, give it a go. But if you already watched it in Japanese with subtitles, I’d just continue on with that since you’re probably more used to it anyway.

I might watch later episodes for my impressions on Obi’, Garak’s, Ryu’s, and Lord Haruka’s voices. But for now I’ll leave it be.

Score: 6.5/10

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